Jun 24 2014   

OBN III’s new album is out now on LP, CD and on a limited CASSETTE. CHECK IT OUT! Thanks to everybody with taste buds who ordered it or is heading over to a shop to pick it up. Copies are definitely flying around and my stack is slimming. This record is a mission-statement of evolution for one of the best current hard rock bands in America.


Mar 24 2014   

OBN III’s are set to release their third LP – the appropriately titled “Third Time to Harm” – on May 27th, with Tic Tac Totally. The album will be released on LP, CD and limited edition cassette, and follows the bands’ justly lauded LPs, “The One and Only” (2011), and self-titled follow-up (2012). This latest and greatest slab of guitar-driven magma from Austin’s great sons is sure to meet high expectations. Capturing best the brute energy of their unique calling card; their live show (an experience that oscillates between epic and epileptic) and coupling it with heavy recordings, Third Time to Harm nets that exact rare bird that eludes so many; a truly charismatic front man fronting a real rock band that’s not faking a single thing and has talent. And situated amongst a modern class of garage rock superheroes cropping up everywhere, what’s so refreshing is that the OBN III’s’ unforced style and swagger not only shines through, but punches through, song by song, show by show, laying the tracks for its own freight train.

Third Time to Harm is all rippers. Marshall tones bent into dark places (both personal and universal). A definitive rock record in sound, but also a complete record, with its detailed, tape-saturated riffs and bright solos burning over mountainous beats in the wildfire of Neeley’s personal antics. They’ve often (and rightly) been compared to the mythic Sonics Rendezvous Band…and that won’t stop here! There’s also still plenty of Iggy-like vibes in this new sound, but in the interest of interest, Orville struts out from beneath the impositions of any “Stooges role” expected of him, gnashing his teeth against newly cut rhythms, adding dimension, while keeping the vigor of the former. Simply steering this train into a direction of his own.

This self-produced record captures their honest appeal with a big recording…all wrapped up in a bow of middle fingers. Their shows and albums speak for themselves though, leaving heart, blood and beer on the floor every night, the reason why OBN III’s have carved their name into the upper echelons of the rock’s underbelly. With intense touring in 2014 the band is poised to really (and at long last deservedly) blow. Regardless, the beat chugs on…




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