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(7″ / DIGITAL)

The last two USELESS EATERS LPs have flirted strongly with first-wave UK punk and new wave. No matter how trashy or raw the punk bits get, they are often book-ended by strong melodic riffage showcasing the capabilities in the writing department, and a desire to expand that writing. This new single seems to completely unveil those hidden shapes that Seth’s writing has been poking at throughout the entirety of Daily Commute and C’est Bon. The elastic guitar flourishes and melodic hooks are out in full force, along with a maturing sense editorial restraint. Both tunes use either substantial amounts of breathing room (Addicted To the Blade) or outright killer, spastic riffing (Starvation Blues #2) to this end. It’s basically aggressively melodic material with clued-in, UK DIY punk tendencies that’s basically being sculpted into clean, modern, minimal statements. Something that would’ve fit onto a radio program 25 years ago between WIRE’s “On Returning” and NO TREND’s “Teen Love”. It’s a good mixture. The seed is healthy. If it finds fertile ground, this should be a turning point for USELESS EATERS toward a more matured yet energized and powerful signature. Released as a tour single for upcoming tour w/ TY SEGALL and WHITE FENCE.